New bike? It's complicated

New bike? It's complicated

During the coronavirus crisis, many Belgians started cycling . Some already had the gear, others had to get new bikes. Problem: the demand for basic models is so great that most stores are already out of stock, reports the Traxio mobility federation.

Traxio has found considerable interest in entry-level models of different types of bikes. ‘This leads us to believe that many Belgians are discovering or rediscovering cycling because of the coronavirus crisis,’ said spokesperson Filip Rylant. The demand is such that many basic versions of city bikes, racing bikes and mountain bikes are simply no longer available. Even the online store of the great actor Decathlon indicates that many standard models are "unavailable".

"The basic series are almost sold out," confirms Filip Rylant . "And since the bicycle shops stock up for the whole year in advance, there will be no immediate improvement. People will therefore have to wait a long time. Large deliveries from Asia will no longer be possible for this year. Small Belgian manufacturers may be able to release additional production in the fall. "

If you still want to buy a new bike for the summer holidays, then you have to turn to a more expensive and specialized model. The second hand market can also be an alternative. In Belgium, 450,000 new bikes are sold each year, of which just over half are electric.

The big question for bike shops, which have been hit hard by containment measures, is now whether the current overconsumption is temporary or structural. Filip Rylant: ‘The coronavirus crisis has not only led to an increase in recreational and sports cycling, but also increased demand for commuting. A bicycle is an individual means of transport and is considered by some customers as an alternative to public transport, even if only for part of their journey. ’


In the Walloon region , the Minister of Mobility, Philippe Henry (Ecolo) , is considering a premium of 200 to 400 euros for the purchase of an electric bike this summer.

But on the side of bicycle dealers, we hear that such a subsidy would not be very timely at this time, as the supply is currently limited.

Source: Newsmonkey 06/16/2020 07:44

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