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Find available spare parts for your Moi-eBike. 

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Poignée de vélo cuir Vegan


The Moi-eBike GP1 135 mm grips are ergonomically designed and serve for all types of handlebars.

The flexible Moi-eBike VEGAN leather has been fused with an ergonomic rubber base that provides exceptional comfort and a more comfortable feel.


- The shape of the handle help relieve pressure on the inner part of the hand.

- Handles attach to the handlebars with aluminium collars, satin copper coloured or with colour finishes

Reference: MOGP1

Comfortable bike seat with two-tone spring "monte grappa" style vintage 70's vintage style cream brown imitation leather color
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Comfort saddle Monte Grappa bicolor cream brown 70's


Comfortable Cruiser bike seat in classic tones with a combination of two compression springs and two coil springs at the rear.
The surface of the leather-look synthetic saddle is padded and equipped with springs that guarantee absolute comfort.
Ideal for those who like to combine a classic look with comfort for long rides.

    classic bicycle saddle with side coverage in contrasting colours
    wide seat
    treatment elaborated with rivets
    Galvanized base with 2 compression springs
    Colour combination: brown / ivory
    240 x 210 mm
    800 gr.
    Manufacturer: Saddle Monte Grappa, Italy
    suitable for electric folding bike, old style bike, fatbike, cruiser,

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Fatbike brown speedster bike tire 20 "x 4.0


A wide brown 204 Tire Rocker bicycle tire

Dimension 20 x 4.0

98 x 406

33 IPT

5-30 PSI / 0.4-2.1 bar / 40 - 210 KPA

The 20-inch tire fits Fatbike Moi-ebike "style" bikes, this tire fits 20" wide rims about 67 mm wide.

Please make sure that the frame and/or fork have enough space for the wheel to pass through.

Mounted on an 82 mm wide inner rim, the tire is ~ 95 mm wide and at a height of ~ 79 mm above the rim edge.

Overall diameter: ~ 580 mm

For Fatbike or chopper bikes such as the Tom or Vanille.

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