Our environmental policy based on the following commitments has been developed:.

  • The assessment and continuous improvement of the environment within its structure;
  • Prevention of environmental problems;
  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations;
  • The integration of respect for the environment in all activities of Moi-eBike;
  • Information, training and participation of all staff members.
  • Bebat membership for battery recycling.
  • An action plan is followed and updated, with the following orientations:

  • Reduce energy and water consumption and limit the production of waste, in particular by setting up a management procedure.
  • Put in place an ecological purchasing policy and promote the implementation of eco-consumption behaviors.
  • Strengthen and improve the operating structure of Moi-eBike, and make communication more effective within our team.
  • The awareness of our customers towards the combined use of their bike "Moi-eBike" with public transport.

All these steps allowed Moi-eBike to innovate, improve the internal organization, respect the environmental obligations and realize financial savings.