Electric scooters, e-bikes, bikes, pedestrians, the highway code changes ...

Electric scooters, e-bikes, bikes, pedestrians, the highway code changes ...

New regulations have been adopted at the federal level to better protect weak users, cyclists and pedestrians. They will come into force on May 31, 2019.

  • First measure: the speed limit for scooters is increased from 18 to 25 km/hour, as are mopeds. What is the objective? To give power to these machines to make it easier to climb hills.

  •  Then comes the obligation to leave 1.5 m instead of one metre to overtake the bikes, outside the urban area. A good measure in itself but difficult for the police to control, admits Vias, the Belgian institute for road safety.

  • The new regulations also aim to introduce a full green light for cyclists, i.e. a green light for bikes at junctions. Benoît Godart of Institut Vias also agrees: "It is not tomorrow that we will have a green light that gives priority to cyclists at every intersection. Priority must be given to places that are very busy for cyclists, such as Louvain-la-Neuve or the inner ring road in Brussels".

  • Then, speed pedelec, those bikes whose electric assistance works up to 45km/hour, will be allowed to ride two at the same time, unless it hinders a motorist who would like to overtake for example.

  • Fifth measure: children under 10 years of age - previously it was children under 9 years of age - will be able to ride bicycles on the pavement.

  • Finally, the last regulation, when pedestrians, wishing to cross the road, see a crosswalk less than 20 meters away, they will have to use it. Until now, the distance was fixed at 30 metres.
source in the evening : put online by the belga agency on 24/05/19 at 6:49 am
picture: vdn

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